Sept. 30

Day 30, last day of September, only 12 days left of the Challenge, and then someone wins a vita-mix.  I'm hoping it will be waiting for me when I arrive home tomorrow.

Just an aside, it's 9 pm, I finished dinner a while ago, cleaned up the "kitchen" and closed it down (turned out the lights), brushed my teeth, am not the least bit hungry, and yet, I'm sitting next to someone who is eating gorp, coke, and chips.  It's not the food itself than makes me want to eat, but the fact that someone else is eating makes me want to eat too, even though I'm not hungry at all.  I wish everyone would just eat 3 meals a day and stop tempting us nutritarians!   oh well, this too shall pass, as soon as the crunching stops.  :)

Anyway, tomorrow's food is same as today's except the jicama is kind of rotten so I threw it away.  I must have picked a bad one.  Anyway, I had a little more of everything else so it ended up being about the same number of calories for tomorrow.  It's kind of weird how I pick the right amount of calories.  I guess over time you get good at it.

total calories 1461, protein 66 g (14%), fat 22 g (13%), carbs 280 g (73%), fiber 87 g.