Day 21

Hi everyone, I know some of you are doing well, others not so well, on the 6-week challenge.   I feel for the strugglers.  I made some mistakes today and will try to learn from them.  Here's today's lunch at "Cafe Glacier Point" (we're sitting on very comfortable rocks, not in a real cafe).    

I couldn't finish it because I was full, because....we stopped at this fruit stand, and got some really good fruit.  and some fresh brazil nuts, and some dates!   uh-oh!   Here I am already digging into the grapes, which were yummy.  

So were the peaches.   Unfortunately I ate too many brazil nuts and dates.  I rationalized the nuts saying I don't eat as much nuts as Dr. Fuhrman recommends so it's okay to eat more today, and they are fresh and not rancid like the ones I often get in Wisconsin.  Okay, that actually made some sense (I'm a clever girl).  Dr. Fuhrman recommends at least 1 oz of nuts per day.  I usually prefer eating less most of the time and then more on occasions.  For the dates, I was rationalizing that they might be fresher in California.   As it turned out, the nuts were better than the ones I get in Wisconsin and the dates were pretty much the same, as they are dried fruit after all.   Anyway, once I started eating them, it was hard to stop.

So what should I have done differently?  hmmm.  The nuts were great, I don't regret eating them but I ate too many, past fullness.  One or two dates would have been enough but I ate several more.  I'm not that huge a date fan because they are almost too sweet for my tastes.  On the other hand, eating them makes me feel like I got a treat and that's a nice feeling.  So how do I prevent myself from overeating them next time?   Maybe I should decide how much I will eat before I start eating them, dole them out, and put the rest away.  And maybe I should wait until mealtime to eat them.  Then it's more of a ritual.  I do like Dr. Fuhrman's idea of eating only at meal times.  Well, I'd like to think I'll do better next time so I'll give it a try!