Day 15!

Two weeks down for most of you.

It's only day 2 of vacation and we're having a great time already.  Yesterday was a long drive but I slept and ate my meals as a passenger, and listened to audio tapes while driving.  It was very relaxing.  Today we had a shorter drive, and lots of fun mountain biking and hiking in between rain showers.   We stopped at the end of the day at a co-op which didn't have great produce except for a giant bag of spinach so I got that.  That's enough to get me through until tomorrow.  We walked by a vegetarian restaurant that looked fun.  I'd eat there for a treat.  But it was late and we just wanted to get to the hotel and relax.  And I"d actually like to eat really clean during this 6-week challenge, and save my treats for later.

I'll post tomorrow's food which is similar's to today's food but I remember it better because I just made it. Tonight we're in a mini-suite with a great work area:

Here's tomorrow's salads:

That's lots of cabbage, lots of spinach; some broccoli, zucchini and mushrooms cooked up in the microwave, a red bell pepper, apple, pear, peach, nectarine, seed mixture, and red kidney beans.  I think that was it.  And that is the end of my food except for carrots and a little cabbage.  Tomorrow we'll be near a Whole Foods so I'm looking forward to a whole new batch of produce.

How is your day going?