6-week Challenge participants

(updated Sept. 6).  Hi everyone, we had 56 people express an interest in the 6-week Challenge!   I didn't get goals from 2 people, as you can see below, so it's possible they changed their mind or I lost their info--it was hard to keep track of everything.  It's not too late if you just forgot.  I'm impressed!   I hope we all can have some fun with this.  Posted below are your screen names and my synopsis of your goals.  Please send any corrections if you have them. I haven't received my vita-mix yet but I assume I will by the time the challenge ends.

Thanks for participating and please post, send mail, give advice and encouragement to each other.

screen name short goals
ReeRee Finish Eat to Live, Follow Eat to Live, plan, pray
Ginger re-focus
Tejas Jain loose 10 lbs
Jenjenwh break the 200 barrier, exercise every day, size 14
Jen4short get healthy, lose 10-20 lbs
Healthy Girl plan, exercise, record for 7 weeks
mberkovitz rekindle enthusiasm, let go of overeating, find peace with that
Dru262 get rid of the figs & dates & desserts, return to basics
nuway2health lose 14 lbs, exercise 2-3 times per week
linda5sons identify inflammation triggers, increase recipe repertoire for son, regular exercise
Tina Brandenburg eat 100% nutritarian, get creative with exercise (knee injury), lose at least 5 lbs
PamelaNY continue eating 100% ETL, no eating after 9 pm, become aware of fullness and stop eating before full
KristiW go 6 weeks without overeating
 Rovercon lose 20 lbs,  exercise to 4-5 times per week, stay on plan, lower BP
Chewydaisy strict ETL 6WP
Suz exericse 5-6 times/week, stick to 6 week diet, stop eating when full
Dokken Strictly follow 6 wk. plan and do not overeat
Bonnie S  exercise a minimum of 4 times per week, ETL six week plan at about 90%, stop snacking, omit the junk food
veggieteach lose 6 pounds eating vegan to get to 159
JJS adhere to weight loss plan; start exercising
Patricia eat nutritarian 100%, more greens; improve diet of young child
otnetty stictly adhere to 6-week plan; walk a mile, eventually twice a day
stoerkel lost 10 lbs; 95% ETL/EFH by the end of the challenge
Tess follow ETL; exercise 5 days/wk starting with 15 min; journal food, exercise and feelings daily
Okra stop eating before full; always be prepared; don't eat trigger foods
Livewell lose 20 pounds, workout 6 days a week and get more firmly settled in the universe of Nutritarianism; move away from food addictions
lightweight sticking to eating on ETL-approved foods
Peggy14063 Follow ETL; enlighten others; support my sister
thomjane follow ETL; exercise 4 hours/wk
yumikat follow ETL; exercise 4 times per week; lose 10 lbs
Bemily make healthy choices when eating out/ETL
Vgtrian 90% 6WP; exercise twice a week
charflower cut out processed foods; exercise more
Diane S. lose 12 lbs, complete transition to nutritarianism
Pippi1 6WP while taking on stressful job
Joann 6WP
dwatkins prepare, eat well no matter what my schedule is, improve my health
Booberry get healthy, ride horse like the wind
Ali123. lose 20 lbs, walk to and from work + 2 good workouts on weekend
Janeen continue eating healthy; make no rude remarks to family about unhealthy eating; make green juice 4xs/wk; exercise; gain 3 lbs
Laurenstyle lost 10 lbs; workout at least 5xs/wk;Learn to appreciate the journey of ETL and step into my power letting the health transformation open me up to other new changes in career, relationships, spirituality,etc..
Trudy stay off all white flour and sugar free for 6 weeks
Ttujill follow a healthy diet, lose 10 lbs, and influence my husbands diet to hopefully enable him to lose 10lbs as well 
WildHorses lose 8 pounds and also feel great along te way!
marcid exercise 4 to 5 times per week; go to bed early enough; ETL 6WP faithfully; lose some weight 
Exona just focus on me and the goal of better health....with no compromising (learn to deal with social events)
Carol1one Follow Eat To Live, the  6-Week Plan
Willow complete Dr. Fuhrman's six week program
AmandaB overcome emotional, habitual, and addictive eating habits; lose 25 lbs; inspire others
kkeener strict ETL 
KathyColdHands ETL 6WP; exercise vigorously 4-6 days/week; lose 20 lbs; 
Rachel lose 30 lbs 
minirunner stop eating sugar and overcome binge eating