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Remembering Acne

It’s a distant memory now as I approach 30, but I remember my awkward teenage years. I remember braces, rice bowl hair cuts, and I remember acne. Blankets of acne. Interminable acne. Seemingly incurable acne.
For whatever reason, my face started to clear up around the time that I went off to college, but for awhile there it seemed like I was going to have to find some way to manage my face fungus. Here are a couple of the things I heard about or tried:
Weird medicines from my uncle: I never went with Acutane or Glytone acne treatment as others did, though I certainly tried a bunch of new medications from my uncle, a doctor. Some of these medications seemed to clear my face up a bit. Others dried it out and made it peel.
Egg yolks: I never actually tried this method (just as I never had to use Glytone back acne spray since I never had so-called backne) though it seems worth relating here. My grandma told me that I could whip up some egg yolks, apply it to my face for two weeks, and then my acne would be gone. It sounded intriguing, but I could never bring myself to literally put egg on my face.
Hot rags: These are great, whether it’s to fight a zit or apply Glytone mild gel wash. The idea is to hold rag under as hot of water as possible then hold it to troubled areas on one’s face. I used it as a short term method of getting some zits to lessen in size.