Day 9 of the 6-week challenge.

Woo hoo, day 9 starts to feel substantial, almost into double digits.  If you lasted this long you've probably lost toxic hunger, and are feeling good.  Your taste buds have probably re-sensitized and fruit and veggies are starting to taste really good.   Just think, it really only takes about a week of truly healthy eating to start feeling good.   So if you are struggling, maybe you should reset right now, and in a week you'll be right there with the rest of us.

Today I had the same old thing but my salad was really good!  Wowsa, I'm making this again.  I think I will have to post this as a separate recipe, which I'll do next.

Brekky:  greens and beans, salad (after exercise).

lunch:  baked sweet potato, salad.

snack*:  carrots and sugar snap peas.

dinner:  greens and beans, salad.

*egads, I had a snack.   Dr. Fuhrman doesn't recommend snacks!   Well, tough noodles.   I was much happier riding my bike home at 7 pm having had the snack then I have been the last few weeks.  I eat lunch at noon and don't get dinner until 8 pm.  Lately my bike ride home has been tired and hungry.  Tonight I was back to day dreaming on my bike and enjoying the ride.  Plus this way I don't have to stuff myself at lunch in order to make it until dinner.  I'm not going to worry about this "transgression."

I didn't weight my carrots and sugar snap peas so my calories are just a guess but they are probably within 100 of correct.  By the way, I don't eat just a few carrots, I eat about a pound.  We're getting local carrots again (hopefully for the next 8 months) and I just really like them.

Total calories:  1392,  protein 50.5 g (11%), fat 16 g (10%), carbs 288 (79%), fiber 68 g.