If you are struggling

I tried to do Dr. Fuhrman's 6-week challenge last Nov and tanked almost immediately.  Something about the challenge sent me off in the wrong direction.  Maybe it was my Miss Behaving streak.  I suspect that this has happened to some of you on this challenge.  Here is a suggestion, I'm not sure if it's helpful but here you go.  What if you change your goal to:  get back on track.  Use the next 32 days to learn how to do this right, to try it out in all situations, experience the obstacles, figure out the solution, get better, and by the end of this you know what to do.  We can start a new 6-week challenge when this is over and you can roll into it ready to go and knowing what to do and enjoying doing it.  Anyone have a vita-mix they want to donate?  haha.