Day 11, 31 to go

I'm in pre-vacation mode, which means, eat what needs to be eaten before vacation.  So I started out with some frozen bananas that for some reason I think should be eaten now and not later (maybe I really just wanted them).  I had those and frozen cherries, chopped up, for brekky.   Wow was that ever good, like ice cream:

I also had some chopped cabbage and carrots because I'm so used to having salad or cooked greens with a meal.  I'm actually not a big fan of fruit only for brekky despite my having had it the last few days in a row.  

Today and tomorrow are the final days of sweet corn.  So I bought six and shared 3 with housemate, so we each had 1.5 ears for lunch and will have the rest tomorrow.   Then the corn stand will be gone.  I savored those corns.  It is so good.  I also had a salad made from cabbage, sweet red pepper, summer squash, edamame, peas, and vinegar.  I also had a peach.

Dinner was a yummy baked oriental yam topped with pumpkin pie spice and more salad.  Then...I couldn't resist the bananas and cherries so had another bowl.  Good thing I ran out of bananas. 

Total calories 1509, protein 40 g (8%), fat 11 g (6%), carbs 347 g (86%), fiber 67 g.

I wouldn't call this a maximally optimized nutritarian day, but I tend to allow that one day a week.  I didn't eat any nuts or seeds.  tsk tsk.  Notice how the protein is lower since I ate relatively higher proportions of fruit, less beans and no nuts or seeds.  My fat is quite a bit lower too without the seeds.  I'll have some tomorrow.