Day 2!

I'm posting while watching "Forks over Knives."  I know, I shouldn't multitask!  I figure I know it all already.  I'll let you know if it's good motivational material.    It's fun to see pictures of Campbell and Esselstyn as young men.

Here is what I ate today, very similar to yesterday.
brekky:   frozen cherries, blueberries, mango.   raw carrots and kohlrabi.  ate this while preparing the day's food.

lunch:  same beans, greens soup as yesterday.  salad made from cabbage, cucumber, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes from the garden, scallions, seed mixture.  baked sweet potato (actually it's an oriental yam and it seems sweeter to me---really good!).

dinner:  large ripe peach at the co-op after exercising.  It was fantastic.  Then at home, I had the same salad, beans and greens soup, and a piece of fresh sweet corn.    Here's a picture.   That's tomorrow's peach just for show.   I had already eaten tonight's at the co-op.

Everything I ate except the frozen berries was locally grown.  and ever so good!

Total calories 1486, fat 17 g (10%), protein 60.5 g (12%), carbs 308 g (78%), fiber 79 g.

How you doing?