day 25

Slow internet connection here.   will try to post once and then be done.  Yesterday’s food described in my previous post was very yummy.  The oatmeal was my best ever.  Unfortunately today and tomorrow’s hotel doesn’t have a microwave so no oatmeal for a few days.  Fortunately, I like my salads just fine.   Today’s salads have lettuce, cabbage, jicama, a big pear, nectarine, banana, can of chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, 1 oz nuts and seeds (walnuts, hemp, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds), lime and cilantro.  No rhyme or reason, just the produce I liked best from the grocery store.  I’ll be running out of the good California produce in a few days, but I’m seeing honeycrisp apples in the grocery stores so I think I’ll stock up on some of those yummy fruits.

I had a couple of entertaining thoughts yesterday.  One was about the Food channel.  I like watching the food channel.  I like how they turn cooking and eating into entertainment with contests and silly races and exciting plots and music.  It cracks me up.  I was thinking, wouldn’t it be fun if they had nutritarian shows?  We could have several segments on being a nutritarian road warrier.  I’d be willing to do a show.  Haha.  But everyone does it differently and it’d be fun to see how different people do it.  We’d learn so much from each other and we’d be portrayed as cool dudes and dudettes and feel like role models instead of weirdos.  (I care less and less about that as time goes on!).  

My other thought was that I have a couple of security blankets and I secured both of mine yesterday.  My two security blankets are my food scale and carrots.  I feel safe and content when I measure my food.  Then I know I’ll be getting enough calories.  Is that goofy or what?!  I also really love my carrots.  Total goofiness.  The reason for this neurotic behavior is my weird nutritarian diet, which requires planning and preparing most of my meals from scratch even when on the road.  I want to feel I will have enough food tomorrow.  When I feel I will, I relax and I’m happy with the quantities.  Very silly but if it works, I’m not going to worry about it.  

So yesterday I saw a kitchen store and stopped in and got a food scale.  will post my calories when my internet connection is fast again.  buh-bye