Day 28

Today was a fantastic day of hiking, mountain biking and sight seeing.  I'm whipped so will write this quickly and get to bed!  Tomorrow we start driving home again, so no more mountain biking, very sad.  I could spend a month here mountain biking.  This is the mecca (Moab).  I was hungrier than usual tonight, after all the exercising so bought some sugar snap peas at the grocery store.  They were crisp so I was hopeful but they had a funny taste.  I was hungry so I ate a few handfuls and then threw the rest away.  The local produce lovers must get their produce from the farmer's markets.  I got a pomegranate yesterday that turned out to be half-rotten.  However, they have some organic honeycrisp apples that are really good.  I'll finished those along with all my produce tomorrow.  I got a giant head of romaine and a giant jicama, and had bigger than normal portions of cabbage and cauliflower left so I just made salads for all three meals tomorrow.  They consist of romaine lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, balsamic vinegar, lime juice, cilantro, spring mix lettuce, 2 giant apples, a giant jicama, nuts and seeds, and black soy beans.   The giant things brought up the calories to something reasonable.  [Edited the next day:  I got some carrots and sugar snap peas at Whole Foods and enjoyed them immensely before eating my late dinner, so here is an updated calorie intake]:

Total calories 1567, protein 68.5 g (14%), fat 21 g (11%), carbs 302 g (75%), fiber 113 g.  wow, lots of fiber, 41g just from from that giant jicama.

Tomorrow we will hit a Whole Foods in Denver.  I'm looking forward to getting some good produce there.