Day 13

I don't have much time to post, packing for my vacation.  Yeah, I know I shouldn't advertise that I'm going on vacation.  Well, someone will be staying at my house.  Does that ward off the burglars? 

I'm hearing from people doing well today.  Way to go!  

Today's food was

Brekky, after exercise and dentist:  sweet potato, lots of raw carrots while prepping lunch and dinner.

Lunch:  my usual salad as of late:  cabbage, kale, summer squash, Italian fry peppers (best red peppers I've ever eaten), peach, pear, apple, seed mixture, balsamic vinegar.  I did more taste tests on the vinegar.   I now have 4 bottles.  As it turns out, the most expensive is to die for, the cheapest is pretty lame.  The taste correlates with price (darn!).  Looking at the label, so do the calories and sugars.  So that all makes sense!  The really expensive bottle is awesome.  In might start buying that as my reward for good behavior.  I suppose that means I have to use the cheap bottle after I misbehave.   Anyway, the salad was luscious with the expensive vinegar and the ripe fruits.  Everything on the salad except the vinegar and seeds is local and tastes really good.   I also had some greens and beans.

Dinner:  same as lunch, salad, greens and beans.  and a small box of blackberries.  a few cherries, a few carrots.

Total calories 1501, protein 49 g (10%), fat 17 g (10%), carbs 315 g (80%), fiber 80 g.