Day 14 of the 6-week Challenge

Two weeks into the challenge, and the first day of my vacation.  I forgot to bring my food scale.  At first I was disappointed, then glad.  I'm tired of measuring my food.   I know how much to eat.   If you aren't sure, you can measure your food.   I think it's great to do for 2-3 weeks if you've never done it before.  If you are trying to lose weight, it gives you an idea where most of the calories come from; and if you are trying to build muscle by working out (the only way to do it), it helps you see where the higher protein foods are (green veggies, beans and nuts, not fruit).

Now everyone handles food on vacation differently.   I prefer making my own food to trying to find something in restaurants, and my travel companion doesn't want to waste time in the restaurants either.  You can make good time on the road by eating in the car.  So it's sort of like camping only we'll be staying in hotels this trip.  Here's my food for a few days.  At right is an electric cooler, which plugs into the car electrical outlet.  Picnic basket has utensils.  The other bags (insulated) have today's food and some extra food that didn't fit into the cooler.

Oh, and can't forget the beans:

Today's meals were

Brekky:  salad and baked sweet potato.  That's the last of the sweet potatoes for this trip because I won't be cooking, except maybe oatmeal.   The salad was: cabbage, kale, bok choy (a bit too strong tasting), lettuce,  broccolini, sweet red pepper, pear, peach, apple, zucchini, mushrooms, edamame, peas, seed mixture, and that really expensive sweet balsamic vinegar.  That's like sugar, definitely something to eat in small quantities.  I made a giant batch and split it into 3 big bowls (8 cup size!) for each meal.  Here's my breakfast:

Lunch was salad and carrots.  Dinner was the same.    That's kinda how it's going to be on this vacation, the same old thing every meal.  But the salad fixings will vary.  In fact, it's fun to see what I can make up from the different stores I visit.