Join my 6-week challenge and you are entered to win a vita-mix!!!

I just came up with a crazy spur-of-the-moment idea and then acted on impulse so here we go!   There is a great organization called the Nutritional Research Project.  If you donate $1000 to them by Aug. 27, you get a vitamix blender.  Well, I already have a vitamix, but I feel strongly about this organization, so I thought, I could offer my vitamix to one of you guys!   Let's do a 6-week challenge together starting on Sept. 1.  I'll work out the details in the next few days.  I'm taking the day off work tomorrow to have fun, and I have lots of other stuff to do tonight.  Plus I'd like to hear your ideas for how we should award the blender.  I'm not sure I want to make it a competition but if I make it a lottery, anyone could say they are joining in and then not do anything.  So maybe it should be something in between.  You send me some info before sept. 1 (I'll clarify soon), and then send in your story at the end of 6 weeks and I choose one that is inspiring to others.  I want everyone to have a chance, from beginners to long-timers.  You don't necessarily have to lose weight if you are already healthy, for example.

Okay, I have to go fix tomorrow's meals, so will send more details later!

Oh, and if you have the means and would like to support a worthy organization and guarantee yourself a vitamix, feel free to donate to the NRP!