6 Week Challenge for a Vita-mix--here's the plan!

Okay, I got feedback from readers here and on the Fuhrman forums and the eat-to-live yahoo group and here's the plan I've come up with:

1) Set a goal or goals for yourself.  You might want to pick something you think you can reasonably accomplish, or maybe you want to take on the world.  I recognize that the same goal can be easy for one person and hard for another.  We're all at different levels with different challenges.

2) Send me your name and a screen name (which could be your real name if you want), and your goal(s).   I will post the screen names of everyone participating, along with your goals.   Send this info to my email address:  bwhitney@chi-squared.org

3)  For accountability, try to post a comment here on the blog once a week, stating your progress.  I won't be strict about this, it's just a goal.  You can post every day if you like.

4)  At the end of the challenge, if you want to win the vita-mix, send me via email a short essay (200 words max) describing how you did in the challenge (remind us of what your goals were), and why you want the vita-mix.  I will probably have a hard time deciding between lots of entries and will have to do a lottery because I'm sure you will all have compelling stories!

5) I would like to post the winning essay and maybe excerpts of others.   I will ask you for permission before posting.  I will give runner's up the option to not let me post excerpts of your essay but I will require the winner to let me post their essay.  :)

6)  You can start anytime between now and Sept. 1.  I know several people on the Fuhrman forums started today!  I'm starting tomorrow.

7)  I will try to post often during the challenge. You can post your progress as a comment to any of my posts--probably the most recent will be easiest.   I am going on vacation for 2.5 weeks during the challenge so I might miss some days.

8) Please post you progress here rather than or in addition to other forums you are members of (Dr. Fuhrman's member center, or the Eat-2-Live yahoo group).

9)  The winner will have to pay shipping costs for the vita-mix.  I hope that is okay.

Let's have some fun!