Day 6

Here's what I ate today.  You can kind of see a pattern developing.  The corn season is ending, but I'm still loving the oriental yams.  Soon it will be pomegranate season!

Brekky:  frozen fruit (mangos, sweet and sour cherries), fresh ripe local peach (yum), big handful of spinach.  carrots and sugar snap peas while prepping lunch and dinner.

Lunch:  baked oriental yam, salad like yesterday's (cabbage, salad mix, spinach, apple, patty pan squash, red bell pepper, broccoli, scallions, seed mixture, cilantro, orange juice).  

Dinner:  greens and beans, same salad as lunch except I got to the store and got some balsamic vinegar.  much better with vinegar!  Not only that, I did a taste test.  

On the left is Lucini balsamic vinegar of modena which I think cost $1.76/oz (I didn't keep the receipt). On the right is Spectrum Organic balsamic vinegar of modena coming in at $0.38/oz.   I'm surprised to report I preferred the cheap one.  It had a more fruity, tangy flavor though it was just a slight bit vinegary.  I don't like vinegary balsamic vinegar (sorry if that makes no sense).  The lucini was very not-vinegary which I really like in a balsamic vinegar.  It describes itself as full-bodied and balanced which I agree with, but it seemed to lack flavor to me.   My tastes may vary day to day so I'll try the comparison again.  Also it might be that the spectrum brand goes better with apples.  Lucini might go better with tomatoes.  I'm going to buy some more vinegars and keep playing with this.  It is fun.  I'll have no trouble consuming all of them as long as they taste okay.

I had some kohlrabi for dessert.

Total calories 1501, protein 59 g (12%), fat 20 g (11%), carbs 300 g (77%), fiber  79 g.