Hi everyone,

With my broken elbow, I can't make the time to post much these days but I decided to take a break today and post a little on the Fuhrman forums, and give an update here too. Then I'll have to get back to my daily routines of sleeping, showering, preparing food, bending bending bending my elbow until it hurts, and trying to work.

Foodwise, I'm focusing on the fundamentals because I want optimal healing: beans (1 cup), greens (tons), cruciferous veggies (tons), fruit (1-1.5 lb), and nuts & seeds (1-2 oz).

This weekend I made a bean soup from 1 lb of white beans, 2 cans tomatoes, my last bag of frozen collard greens from the garden (lasted all the way through January!), onion, mushrooms, garlic, turnip (not sure I liked that addition), and italian seasonings. I put those into 12 plastic bowls to freeze.

My fruit this week is bananas, apples, oranges, pears, and kiwis. I've been having the banana, pear, and orange early in the week, then will have kiwis, apples, and oranges later (eating the more ripe ones first).

I'm making a gigantic salad every day. Today's has lettuce, bok choy, spinach, cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower, red bell pepper, corn, onion, pear or apple, seed mixture and flavored vinegar. It's yummy!

I spread the salad between 2-3 meals. I have soup with dinner. And 1-2 fruits at breakfast. Oh, and tons of raw carrots. We get these fabulous carrots grown locally (tipi produce). My visiting parents said they are the best carrots they've ever eaten in their lives and I completely agree. I don't know how long the harvest will last so I've been eating even more than usual in anticipation of the very sad day when they disappear from the shelves until next summer. Fortunately, that's also a sign of spring, and fresh greens and berries. Anyway, I'm getting off track. I eat a lot of carrots because they are so darn good. I enjoy my carrots the way housemate enjoys her tostada chips and chocolate.

So those are my meals this week. Last week I made confetti salads, but this week I wanted to taste the ingredients separately.

Oh, I forgot the weekends. This is when I get a treat! I make house-mate's smoothies. In the process I make a date-nut cream to sweeten the smoothies. This is so delicious. I either have some of that over fresh berries, or make a small sorbet from this combined with frozen berries. yum-yum. And I also let myself have a date with walnut piece (or 2) in it, heated up in microwave. boy is that a sweet treat. I sample the smoothies too. All of those treats end up being my breakfast and lunch, usually. Other meals are just whatever I feel like and have the time to make, maybe greens in sweet potato sauce, or a Fuhrman recipe, or snacking on veggies. I like to cook more on weekends since I don't do much during the week. On Sunday, I make soup for the week.

Any nutritarians who want to comment on my meals and suggest improvements, please do! I welcome advice.

Regarding my injury (broke my elbow, had surgery), my elbow, lower arm and hand are still bruised and swollen, though both are much better and improving daily. I just wish the swelling in the hand would go away faster. I am working to bend my elbow to 90 degrees by tomorrow but I'm only at 82 today so won't make it. I'm hoping when I see the surgeon tomorrow, he will tell me that I can do a lot more with my arm. Right now I'm not allowed to use my triceps muscle. We are having a blizzard so I might not make it to the doctor tomorrow. That gives me more time to get to 90 degrees, but more wait to hear that I can use my arm more.

okay, time to go eat my giant salad for dinner. I'll be back next time I have a break, maybe on the weekend.