Tomorrow's food

On the road again and having fun of course.  Here are my salads for tomorrow!

Here's what in them:
1 head romaine lettuce, 221 g, 38 calories
spinach, 121 g, 28 calories
kale, 71 g, 36 calories
cauliflower, 232 g, 58 calories
broccoli, 184 g, 63 calories
mushrooms, 205 g, 45 calories
1 medium red bell pepper, 128 g, 40 calories
purple cabbage, 223 g, 69 calories
1 apple, 178 g, 93 calories
1 banana, 114 g, 101 calories
4 Tbsp flavored vinegar, 60 g (normally I'd have 3 but I miscounted), 32 calories
1 can chickpeas, 360 g, 428 calories
1 oz seed mixture, 28.5 g, 159 calories

Total calories is 1158, total protein 55 g (14%), total fat 22g (17%), carbs 219 g (69%).   I'll also eat a bunch of raw carrots, and maybe some fruit after we go to the grocery store.

The breakdown shows that 377 calories came from veggies (33%), 194 calories came from fruit (17%), and 587 calories from beans and seeds (50%).   Normally I eat fewer beans and more fruit.  Most of the fat comes from the chickpeas and seed mixture (17 g).   Most of the protein comes from the chickpeas (17 g)  and mushrooms (6 g) and seed mixture (6 g).  Next is broccoli (5 g), cauliflower (4 g), cabbage (3 g),  spinach (3 g), lettuce (2 g), kale (2 g), and peppers (1 g).  Of course, the protein per calorie is highest in the veggies, with mushrooms the winner.   By weight, the veggies total 1385 g or 3.05 lbs, and the fruit totals 292 g or 0.64 lb.  Normally I have 1-2 lbs fruit.  I'll get more tomorrow at the store.

Time to prepare the food: 1.5 hours.  On the other hand, we didn't spend time in restaurants. I ate the meals in the car.  We had a lot of distance to cover.  Cost:  probably as much as a restaurant.  But the quality is way higher.