good blogs

There are more and more healthy eating blogs out there.  It's great!   I don't know if more people are eating healthy or if more healthy eaters are blogging (sigh, probably the latter)  but it's still a good trend.  Here's two that I discovered recently:

The Vegan Next Door, by Sarah Taylor, who is a motivational speaker.  She was master of ceremonies at Dr. Fuhrman's Getaway last year.  She also wrote a book, Vegan in 30 Days.  I like all of her posts, but her most recent resonates with me.  I had a rough year last year (for no good reason--I was struggling to be happy) and it showed in my overeating.  It is good to ask yourself what is really bothering you when you want to overeat.  She has another interesting post about motivation.  She says one of the best ways to motivate yourself is to "find something that has extreme leverage (or priority) over your current habits."  So for example, learning about how animals are turned into food turned her into a vegan immediately, as it did me.   I do not use willpower or self-control to keep me on the path of healthy eating--that is too hard!  I may go to extremes to modify my environment to make it easy to eat healthy (see yesterday's post!), but that's easier than using willpower and self-control.   A couple of other posts I enjoyed reading were Vicki's secret to weight loss, and What's your number?

Vegan hearts fruit, by Jasmin.  She is a young healthy eater.  They are so rare, I wanted to give her a shoutout.  Kudos to you for taking control of your health before it takes control of you.  Jasmine is a student living in Vienna.  She seems to like fruit a lot.  Me too!